Thaddäus Weindl

Thaddäus Weindl is a keyboardist in Sugar Daddy and Beyond-a-tribute, ex Brown Sugar.

He utilizes lots of different sounds, plays pre-recorded backing tracks, triggers videos, and generally keeps busy during performances. It’s a lot to juggle, and he relies on Gig Performer to help him keep all those balls, or, more accurately, sounds, in the air. Check out more in this interview.

Gig Performer in Action:

Here is where Mr. T owns the stage (Live-Mitschnitt aus Burgkirchen Bürgerzentrum): :


Now, off the record :slight_smile:
Thaddäus is not only one of the greatest Gig Performer beta testers, but also a true master of Gig Performer.
If we say that Sky is a limit with Gig Performer, then he owns the universe.



He uses an NI S88 MK2 keyboard. I just bought an S61 MK2 and really like it!