Terry Schmitt

Terry Schmitt is a keyboard player in a new country band Kentucky Straight Band playing a mix of cover and originals out of Denver.

With Terry’s permission, I share the photo he took and published on Facebook:

This is Terry’s third night with this rig. He just retired his MOxF8 and Nord Electro 6D and he uses Yamaha Montage 8X and Arturia Keylab MkII.
He used Velcro to hold in place his MacBook Pro and the audio interface (underneath the audio interface is a port replicator. All MIDI is over USB).

I’m happy with Gig Performer. I was using Camelot Pro, but I like Gig Performer better. I’m using VSTs for organ, pedal steel, and fiddle. I just phased out my Nord Electro 6D in favor of B3x. I couldn’t get the Nord to sound like I wanted.
My next step is to download the E.S.P software for Montage 8.

To unpack and set up everything, he needs 30 minutes.