Templates in racks


I have a question about templates…

I know that you can save racks and import them again.
When I import a rack I have to configure everything again.
I use the same block (Audio Mixer (16ch) in every rackspaces.
Is there a way I can also backup this?
So when I change something on one rack, I don’t have to do this on all the other racks…
Sorry about my poor English…

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You know this?

Do you use the global rackspace?

Hi Piano Paul,

This is not what I meant.
I meant:
Now I have to connect the volume slider in a rackspace everytime to the mixer block.

Rackspaces are independent, so there is no way to automatically sync changes you make to one rackspace to all your other rackspaces.

Pffffff, that’s a great pity!!!

Why do you think that, that is by design.
So you really want any a change of a widget in rackspace to all other rackspaces?
How should that work?
Imagine you have a widget called „A“ and it controls cutoff of a synth.
In another rackspace you have the Same Widget with the Same Name but it Control the level of a 2nd Oszillator of you synth.
Now when you sync the result is total wrong.

Maybe my challenge could also help you.

I’m going to use an audio mixer in the global rackspace and want it’s settings to be stored separately for each local rackspace.

For that i will probably use my own serialization method so the values are stored in some file.

Maybe you can use the same way for your synchronization.

It will take a few weeks before the basics might work in the GPScript.

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That would be nice Michel

I only use the rack for volumes, mutes and solo.
I don’t use filters…

My idea is to not the need to sync between local rackspace, but to make the values of the audio mixer which i placed in the global rackspace to be different per local rackspace.

The connection to the plugins is handled by the local rackspaces.

But let’s say you have two rackspaces a and b. If you set the volume for audio mixer channel 1 in the global rackspaces to 50 while in rackspace a and save it and you go to rackspace b and set the volume to 100 and return to rackspace a, then the volume will be 50 again.

Would this solve your challenge?

No plugins?

Then why not just put an audio mixer in every rackspace?

Because it will be connected to widgets and i dont want to copy those widgets on every local rackspace panel.

That is a personal fate :wink:
Sometimes you have to swallow a bitter pill.

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I don’t give up that easily :grinning:

Of course I use plugins.
But I don’t have to change the filters when I’m playing.
Only the volume is enough.
And sometimes the reverb/delay.

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That is what I do.
But I have to connect the widgets to the mixer channels every time…
That’s not what I want

Is that really that lot of work?

I have got 60 racks…