Tele Tone Optimization With Smaart

I’m a professional live audio engineer but hobby guitarist. I run an active YouTube channel that teaches live sound, but wanted to use some measurement tools to help shape the sound of my guitar rig within Gig Performer and thought I’d share!


Nice! Thanks for sharing! :beers:

Much appreciated! I’ve got another one coming on Tuesday that will feature Gig Performer specifically. Here’s a preview. I plan on releasing a followup that walks through integrating a stream deck with it, which is why I’ve been dialoging with you on another thread about getting that up and running : )


Thank you very much! Every effort to spread the word is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yes, Stream Deck appears to be more useful than I expected.

You got it. Thanks for making such a great piece of software!

Here is a new video! :slight_smile:


Hi - happy new year to all of you -

is there a gigfile available - would be nice!

regards joe

Got it attached!

FOH FX Rack Template_mkc.gig (1.4 MB)

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thx Mike - that`s fast :wink: cheers and happy new Year!

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New video

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Dear Mike,

can you explain what is the best way to use gigperformer in a mixingdesk like AH SQ Series?

best regards joe