TC Helicon Voicelive patch changes

Hi. Im using a TC helicon voicelive touch with GP. Its the original first model. Its wired in via Usb and receives midi data from the keyboard.
What i would like to do is assign a specific patch to each rack space or song, so that when i select the song a message is sent to the Voicelive to bring up the correct patch automatically without me having to select it manually.

You now this?

And this?

Ah, i think i understand now. Thanks for your help.

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I am using TC helicon also, but the LCD-Display is somehow defect.
Do you know where I can send it to get it repaired?

Maybe try emailing TC Helicon. Cant think of another way.

Maybe try this?

Hi @jpt, thx for that :wink:

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HI again. I’ve tried to set this up again but without success. Could you do me a favour and send me screen shots of your wiring and the settings used in OSC. I would be very grateful. Sev