Sytronik Issue in Migration to new laptop

Sorry, I am still a bit needy here, at least until I get my 2nd laptop all set.

The good new is I have made a lot of progress in getting everything working in the new laptop. I think with an empty gig file, all my synths/sample libraries (from a 2nd SSD) load and everything seems to work. All good, I think.

When I take my gig file from my old laptop, things are pretty close, but not perfect. All my rackspaces seem to load for all my Kontakt libraries (probably the bulk of what I rely on), Arturia Collection etc.

The issue is (surprise!) IK Syntronik, But, I am hoping this is a simple one.

Syntronik loads fine. All the sample and presets seem to load fine.

PROBLEM: When I use the gig file from my other laptop, the Syntronik presets do not load up. (No preset is selected).

I can find and load the presets (luckily I can easy determine what I used by looking at my other laptop). Also, if I save the Gig file on the new machine and reopen it, the presets populate correctly. Good.

So, I suspect there is some folder on my old laptop that plays a role in getting the presets to load in my Sytronik rackspaces. My guess it is is in either the IK folder or the GP folder that is located in C:>user name>Documents.

So, I am looking for some insight how GP and Syntronik interact so the presets are recalled properly. (And maybe the default file name and location for files that are necessary for the presets to populate).

My guess is when I move gig files to the new machine, I will also replace that folder that contains the presets.

But, rather than experimenting in the dark, I figured I would ask the brain trust here.

Thanks! (as always).

To be exact, Gig Performer does not load presets within a plugin.
The saved state is loaded.
The Syntronik version on your new laptop is the same as on your old one?

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If the plugin state (which GP knows nothing about - it’s just a chunk of bytes ) includes file paths from where your IK plugin has to load stuff, then those files need to be in exactly the same location as on your other machine.

I think this hits it.

The Gig file itself contains the code telling Syntronik to open in its saved state (the last time the Gig file was saved).

But, Syntronik probably saves its saved state in a file folder,

So, GP “tries” to get Syntronik to load up in the saved state with the presets I used in my rackspaces.

But, Syntronik checks that file path and there is no saved file that directs it to “activate” particular presets. So, Syntronik opens in my rackspaces with no preset selected (even though I can load I preset).

So, I suspect there is a file on (on my old laptop) C:>users>jeff>Documents>IK Media that contains the file telling Syntronik what presets should be activated in that saved state.

So, I could just copy that file (or, probably better, the full IK Media folder) from my old laptop’s user name location:C:>users>jeff>Documents>IK Media to the same location in my new laptops user name location:C:>users>jeffn>Documents


you are looking for a folder called “multis” i do believe, same with Sample Tank. these presets are the link to the samples in IK speak

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Well…you’d have to check with IK on that one.

But GP is not telling Syntronik to “open in its saved state”.

When you save a gig file, GP requests that the plugin deliver its state to GP - this is a standard mechanism in the plugin API. The plugin sends a chunk of data to GP and GP just saves that chunk of data as part of the gig file.

When you open a gig file later, GP just sends that same chunk of data back to the plugin. It is 100% up to the plugin to deal with it – GP has no control over how the plugin does that.

That said, the plugin can manage state any way it wants. For example, if the “state” that the plugin sends to GP represents the path and file name of some file, then that’s what the plugin is going to be given and that file has to exist in the right place.

But this has nothing to do with Gig Performer. If you’re having this kind of issue, you need to reach out to IK and ask them how they handle state.

Everything you told me is very helpful. Thank you!

So, it seems pretty clear that path and file name would be an IK path and file name (not GP).

So, I’ll find that out and go from there. [Sorry, just noticed Brandon’s Comment. Thanks!]

PS: Asking IK tech support for help is probably a futile gesture…maybe I could go to their forum or see if anyone at k-v-r has info. But, I think I know what I need to do next pretty much.

If that’s what they’re including in the state…no way for us to know.

Yeah, but it doesn’t hurt for them to hear that more and more GP users are trying to use their plugins

It “seems” I got everything working perfectly on my new laptop.

I am a bit embarassed to say I am not sure what happened that fixed the issue.

When I starting working on this today, I opened up a (slightly) more recent Gig file copied from the old laptop to the new machine.

I was confused for a while because I was not hearing any audio. So, I fumbled around checking audio card settings. Then I remembered our discussion about midi inputs and setting up the Rig Manager.

I had already set up Rig Manager settings, but I think I had to change all the midi input blocks to apply the Rig Manager settings (I may not be using correct terminology).

So, I changed all the midi inputs (which GP makes it relatively painless to do).

And “wala” everything seems to be working perfectly.

I’ve tried to figure out how this change may have caused the correct Syntronik “sounds” to populate.

Or maybe there is something else I’m missing.

I think one more thing I may need to is change my midi input block settings on my "old’ computer so they are associated in the right way with the Rig Manager inputs. There must be something I need to tweak in this area so the old computer and new computer respond the same way to the same Gig File (although in both cases I am sure I there will be occasions have to “reset” the Rig Manager).

As always, thanks for the help (sure it won’t be the last time, hah!).


PS: I went back to a song with Syntronik parts I have not played a while and one of the sounds did not initially load. I loaded it, saved the Gig file, closed GP, started it again, and the sound populated again.

I think there is some issue with Syntronik not loading sounds that have not loaded for a while? I usually do not have a problem (I go through full set lists before every gig, usually several times). But it does seem to happen.

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