Synth1 Compatibility with GP

I’m trying to use a VST instrument called Synth1 (Software Synthesizer Synth1) in GP and having issues getting GP to see the plugin. It works fine in MainStage running on the same machine although the plugin has not been updated in a while. I’ve tried creating a new gig and trying to add Synth1 as well as doing a rescan, etc. and still it’s just not showing up. I’m looking for suggestions on what may be causing this, if it’s a fixable problem, and what steps to take to try to fix it. I would also note that when I initially installed Synth1, it did show in GP. Also, Synth1 is a VST and Component install.

What kind of Mac? What version of the OS?

That synth seems really old and still “beta” and very primitive compared to other stuff.

Any reason you want to use that particular plugin?

It’s a MacBook Pro M1, 16 GB. I want to use that plug in because I have a particular sound file for that VST with sounds I want to use for a song my band is performing.

This got fixed after we deleted the “failed” plugin and rescanned it.

Thank you again David!