Syncing OSC messages in GP?

Need help syncing Touch OSC messages. when I use my iPad, the OSC messages goes into the widget I assigned. but when i load a preset lets say, or move the fader on GP, it does not send OSC messages back to my iPad (running TouchOSC)

I was able to make this work with MIDI by clicking the “sync” button built in GP, but im afraid this OSC may require scripting.

Can anyone help me out? ive written some basic scripts but I am stumped here.

Here i clicked and dragged the fader in GP. did not affect the fader in OSC

There is a send port and a different receive port for OSC that have to match up between your iPad and GP. If you install something like Protokol on your iPad and match the port there with the send port in GP, you can then see if the messages are being received to your iPad from GP and adjust accordingly.

hm ok. thanks for the reply. i thought I had the port numbers set up correctly. and nothing is still happening. In touch osc, I have the command as /name/setvalue. maybe i need to also put /receivevalue?

I would use Protokol to see exactly what messages are being sent to your iPad from GP. Then you can look at how you have it set up in TouchOSC and adjust it to match.

got it. thanks. had the ports wrong like mentioned

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