Syncing Max Umenu Object with Gig Performer

I realize that this is more of a Max question than a GP question, but I hope the community is still willing to help.

Thanks to @pianopaul, I migrated from using PC/CC numbers to OSC to sync widgets and GP instances. I’ll link to his video below. Now I’m trying to sync my Max Patch with GP.

Extrapolating from pianopaul’s video, I was able to send OSC from GP to Max. However, I am having trouble using that information to control a umenu Max object.

If I type in the string “Big Ship” in the first message box and send it, the umenu will change as expected. However, when I use GP to fill a message box, sending this message doesn’t change the umenu object as expected. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?

Max Patcher and GPScript posted in my next reply:

As always, I appreciate you all!

Can you upload the patch I can load in Max?

Copy&Paste does not work.

Why are you sending
OSC_SetAddress(MOSC, “/GigPerformer/SwitchToSong”)

I think your patch reacts on the song name or do you select /GigPerformer/SwitchToSong in you Max Patch?

Thanks for your reply! I have two variables defined in my GPScript. MOSC and MaxOSC. MOSC is used to sync my other instances while MaxOSC only sends a “Song Name” to my Max port. Here is an upload of my max patch and the gpscript.

Try this
OSCSend.gig (32.1 KB)
MaxOSCReceiveTW.maxpat (3.1 KB)


Thanks @pianopaul! I’ve been looking forward to testing this all day. It works perfectly! I’m going to try to integrate it into my instance sync gig script now.

Cheers :+1:

I’ve combined the two scripts successfully. Now I have three GP instances and a max patcher all sync’d flawlessly.

Thanks again!