Sync PC Assignments to All Songs in Setlist

I’m having trouble with the “Sync PC Assignments to Also Songs” option.

New to GP so it might be user error. I have a gig with about 85+ songs in the “All songs” setlist with PC numbers assigned. I want the songs to keep their associated PC numbers when I create new, smaller setlists. Using Unsung on my iPad for PC changes, so it’s important that the PC numbers for each song stay consistent. Whenever I use the function to “Sync PC Assignments to All songs” nothing happens and it doesn’t work. Am I missing something? If there another option I need to enable?

I never used this. And I always hope I do not create more confusion than light.

But, did you create new smaller set lists with these songs? [From what I read, I would think you would see the numbers connected to each song (really the first song part) based on the numbers from the “all songs” set list that was synced.]

Yeah, I’ve tried to create a couple smaller “dummy” setlists and still nothing.

You have to manually assign PC numbers to a song part in each song for that to work. The default assignments aren’t binding.


Then you can read about it :slight_smile:
Link: Gig Performer | Program Change Management

I think all PC-related stuff is covered in this article.

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Thanks!! Finally got to try this and it works great. Appreciate it.

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