Sync of Midi Foot Controllers

I am currently using the Midi Controllers Behringer X-Touch Mini and Source Audio Soleman. For the X-Touch Mini - with the help of npudars Gig File (see here) - the button light indicators are in bi-directional sync. Therefore, if the button is switched on within GP at the PC, the X-Touch button light indicators are switched on. This allows for example a visual indication of switched on/off virtual effect pedals directly at the Midi controller when browsing through rackspaces.
For the soleman foot controller, a bi-directional sync of the light indicators does not seem to work. I was not able to switch the light indicator status at the soleman pedal when changing the button status within GP - based on a similar setup in GP as used for X-Touch (of course changing GP button status with Soleman works without problems). The light indictators seem to follow only the mechanical switches at the soleman controller.
I have the following questions:

  • has anyone managed a bi-directional sync of button light indicators with the Soleman controller?
  • is there a Midi foot pedal where someone has managed a bi-directional sync of button light indicators?
  • as I prefer DIN Midi on stage: would that be possible as well with DIN Midi connection(s)?

(that is a great work of maestro @schamass )

ah, sorry @schamass, I missed that info at the end of the page + big thanks for your help!!

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According to the manual, the Soleman can only change a few things when it receives MIDI input. Individual LED control was not one of them.

MIDI Input Control
The Soleman supports a limited number of functions to be controlled via MIDI Input. MIDI messages received either via the 5-pin DIN MIDI Input Jack or the USB-MIDI connection will have the same result. This allows users to recall Scenes, Set Lists, or Panels via MIDI so that the Soleman can be remotely controlled from external hardware or software.

My Nektar Pacer can do basic bidirectional LED sync.

I have had very good experience with the Morningstar Engineering MIDI and Effects Controllers. I have an MC8 and an MC6 Pro myself.

Does the standard functionality of the Morningstar controllers allow you to use GP’s widget Sync to update the state of switches/LEDs, or is this something that requires your extension?

Actually, probably not. Good point. It’s a very capable controller, but it’s designed to be a “master” and while you can set it up to send whatever messages you want and it will keep track of its own toggle state I’m not sure there would be a way to make it work with GP’s widget sync.

There may be a way to configure it so it does, but I’ve never tried. I just made the extension instead, since you can fully control what it displays through sysex. But it would require using an extension or GP script.

Thanks very much for your feedback!
@rank13: The Pacer looks interesting! Is there any specific limitation you have in mind (I am asking because of ‘basic’)? The Pacer does not have a DIN Midi In connection, therefore I guess bidirectional LED sync would work only via USB?
@Vindes: did I get it right that for the Morningstar bidirectional LED sync is possible with your extension?

Yes, that’s right.

You have to set the buttons/LEDs up in the Pacer in such a way that GP is solely responsible for controlling the LEDs e.g. If you’re not using GP, then the Pacer LEDs will not light up. They also have to be set as momentary on the Pacer (even if you want them as toggle/latching) because the bidirectional MIDI only updates the Pacer’s LED, not the internally stored button value.

So you can get it to work (because of the great options/flexibility in GP), but with a bit of set up.

I think that’s correct.

The MC controllers do have toggle states, and you can change the toggle states by MIDI CC, but it doesn’t look like the CC’s they expect line up with what GP sends when MIDI sync is selected.

Thanks to both of you!

Never without GP :grinning:

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