Switching wah wah effect on and off with maximum volume

I’m using the Kuassa wah wah plugin with my digital guitar through a standard volume pedal and an Audiofront adapter. I’d like to be able to switch the wah effect on and off by using maximum pedal as you do with a real pedal. I’m not sure how to do this. Can someone help me out here please? Many thanks.

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This is a version which activates the wah effect when the volume pedal is higher than 0.

It could be modified to do what you want. But perhaps you could also use it as it is?

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Here’s a rackspace script someone posted the other day. I played around with it and it works fairly good.

wahsw : Widget //wah on/off button
Slider2 : Widget //wah pedal

On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from Slider2

if newValue == 1
	if (GetWidgetValue(wahsw) == 0) then
		SetWidgetValue(wahsw, 1)
		SetWidgetValue(wahsw, 0)


Depending on your pedal you may need to make some value adjustments.

Hey, that’s great! Many thanks for the replies😀

i used to use one like what david-san posted and if you use a range of 98-100 instead of 0-2 it should work. but i came up with the bit of script above and it works great for me. i might switch back to the scriptless version though, just to clean my kind of crazy rackspace scripts up a bit…

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David-San; I used your version. Works great. Thanks very much.