Switching song parts with Korg kronos

I’m new to gig performer so I apologize if this is an obvious question.

I use a Korg kronos where each song I play is a set list, and each patch in a set list is a song part (yes, I change sounds about 8 to 12 times in a song!). I trigger all my patch change with a switch pedal.

How can I change song parts using the same pedal switch (so that my song parts on the kronos, i.e. parts in a given set list), match the song parts in GP?

I use a Korg Kronos too, but I use only one setlist for a Gig. I can trigger all my patch changes with a switch pedal, the Setlist Mode of the Kronos sends Programm Change messages to Gig Performer.

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

I found that when I’m in a set list on the kronos, and when I change patch with a pedal, the Programm Change message that is sent to GP makes it advance to the next song, not the next part in a song…
In other words, when I switch from patch0 to patch 1 in the set list, GP jumps from the first part of song 1 to the first part of song 2!
what am I doing wrong?

By the way, Yes, for gigs, I also copy on my patches to a single set lists!
I use omnisphere to complement to sounds of the kronos and I’d like to also add other VSTs and that’s why I’m looking into GP.

Thanks again!

How exactly are you changing patches with your pedal? Are you able to select explicit program changes from your pedal?

I just use the “program up” command (assigned to the pedal in the kronos global settings).
What’s strange to me is that when I go to patch N on the kronos, GP switches to rack N when I’m in the “panels” view that lists all my racks.
Bu when I go to “setlists” in GP, then patch N on the kronos will assign the first song part of song N in GP.

WIth my Kronos I only use the panels view in GP, I don’t use the setlist mode of GP.

For example is Rackspace

Nr. 15 Just a Gigolo Piano Intro
Nr. 16 Just a Gigolo Brass
Nr. 17 Just a Gigolo Solo
Nr. 18 Just a Gigolo Brass
Nr. 19 Daveys on the Road again Intro

and so on.

In the Setlist Mode of my Kronos I use the same names und numbers. I don’t use variations.

Hey, Thanks! That makes sense.