Switching input or output rainbow wheel

Hey All!

When switching output devices or input devices in the audio In or out section from the options —> audio setup window I get a spinning rainbow wheel for no less than 1minute 30seconds each time I switch. Even switching from headphones to an interface does it.

I am running 2019 MacBook Pro 13” , 2.8ghz quad core i7. 16GB ram. macOS 11.6.8

Not that this might impact it but The interface(s) I am using is either an iConnectaudio4+ and occasionally a MOTU 828mk3. To clarify switching from MacBook speakers to the interface(s) or vice versa causes this rainbow wheel to sit for thst annoying length of time.

Anyone else experience this? Once everything is loaded it works flawlessly…any solutions to cut down on that spinning wheel of annoyance hahah?

And I must say it is a great program!!!

Any help here is appreciated!


All the plugins have to be reloaded which can take a lot of time depending on what the plugins do, including possibly wanting to call home! We do that for reliability reasons as some plugins simply don’t handle having the underlying audio system changed on them and so crash the system.

So the general practice is to open GP without loading a gigfile and do your audio switching at that point.

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