Switching from GP to another window with a CC message

I’ll soon have a 10" touch screen for stage purpose and I would like to be able to switch between GP and UC-Surface (the software that mix what I hear in my in-ear monitor) with a CC message.
I nearly found out how to do that with a AutoHotKey Script (GitHub - RudyB24/AutoHotKey_Bome_MIDI_2_Key: AutoHotKey script that reads incoming MIDI messages and translates them into keyboard shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve.)
It worked, I simulated a Win+1 or Win+2 keystroke to change of window focus but after, I realised that it’s not midi-thru. So my controller is not usable in GP if the AHK script uses it.

Moreover, I would like to keep GP in kiosk mode, but changing of focused windows quit the kiosk mode.
And obviously, on a 10"screen, I don’t want to loose any space with a task bar.

Is a GP script able to send keystroke like “win+1”,“win+2” ?

Thanks guys !! have a nice day


With this little utility you can send the MIDI to multiple MIDI outputs.

Combined with something like LoopMidi you can have the MIDI input in multiple programs.


About sending keystrokes from gp script: I think that’s not possible. An escape for this would be writing an extension that exports a function to gp script. In the extension, sending keystrokes must be implemented:

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I use Bome Midi Translator Pro MIDI Translator Pro – Bome Software to send keystrokes via a midi CC. Currently using it in GP4 to send Command-S to save a gig file as well as moving the mouse to the rackspace list and then scroll the mouse wheel to page down and up via midi CC. Very flexible program


In Gig Performer 5, you can save your gig file using System Actions :slight_smile:

The Save Gig File parameter allows you to save the gig file.

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Yes! Forgot to mention that. And I believe the scroll function also was added to system actions if I’m not mistaken. One less extra utility for my use case!