Switch songs and keyboards quickly

I’m brand new to GP, and this is probably very elementary, I know.

I have several rackspaces, each set up for either of my keyboards and the software for it, for example Native Instruments strings on one, piano on another, modelled trumpet on another, and so forth.

My question is what is the normal way to change instruments on the fly? Surely it can’t be mousing over to the correct rackspace and clicking. That uses valuable moments which I don’t always have. Or is my entire approach wrong?

The normal way is to send program change messages to GP from your keyboard or controller to select specific rackspace/variation combinations.

See this blog article for details.

There are other commands that can be used to just go forwards and backwards as well.

Welcome @Guswah!

I know it’s sometimes tough to do right off the bat…but the user’s manual for GP is very intuitive. For your problem check out Rig Manager and using the Options menu (where you’ll find options for assigning controllers to Rackspace and Song controls).

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

RigManager is overkill for this — right now he just needs to send program changes to GP to switch rackspaces


Hey, @Guswah , welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

I’ll add this video, as well (but that blog article is a must read):


For what its worth, I’ll tell you what I do.

I create songs in set list mode. Within a song, I can change song parts to switch rackspaces or rackspace variations.

I set up it up so buttons on my controller keyboard (I only have 3 on my repurposed Casio, so I had to be judicious) move between songs and song parts. In the Options>Setlist/Song Settings dialog in Setlist mode you can set up buttons on your controller to go next song, back song, next song part, back song part.

[I hope I explained this right. Other people here are more knowledgeable than me]