Switch/Pedal to USB-MIDI converting devices


Hi Folks, i just saw two nice little helpers that let you use your analog foot switches or pedals as midi devices. It’s just a small black box with a micro-USB port and a TSR-jack where you can plug in your switch- or expression-pedal. The software lets you then configure which MIDI channel will be used or what kind of MIDI-data will be created (PC, CC, pitchbend, aftertouch…) and many other things…
This sounds really interesting!
The only thing that one could miss is a standard MIDI-port.



Hi @schamass. I have 3 of the AudioFront MIDI Expression I/O boxes that are really great. Thought you may be interested. https://www.audiofront.net/MIDIExpression.php

Each one has USB, 2 MIDI din jacks and three TRS jacks that can each be used for expression pedals or double pedals (like the FS-6). They come with utility software that allows you to configure them however you want, flip polarity, route inputs to outputs and set the MIDI out din as a thru. There’s also a VST version of the utility that allows you to temporarily change (override) the hardware configuration while the VST is active. They really are like the Swiss army knives of these kinds of boxes. They are a little more expensive, but compared to the cost of the beatbars units, they’re a steal!



The basic audiofront MIDI exp device makes it possible to use two switches at the same time or an expression pedal, while with the Beatbar devices you have to choose whether you want a device for a single switch or a device for an expression pedal. Regarding the price, it is very close.

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Wow… you are right!
The “MIDI Expression iO” has all the features one could ask for… thanks for pointing at this. :+1:



Yeah, I have three of those things in my gear rack, there very handy



Audiofront seem to be a craft industry, their housing are 3D printed, but it seems to be very serious. I just received device from them and even the delivery was quite quick.