SWAM Violin Issue: No Sound

Hello, Braintrust

I just installed Swam Violin.

I am not getting any sound, regardless of whether I trigger it via a controller or the virtual keyboard.

I see the bow moving on the screen (both when I I use the virtual keyboard and when I us my hardware controller).

I am using the same the audio connections for another instrument (in Kontakt), which worked. So I feel pretty sure my audio out in the rackspace is working right.

Can anyone think of a simple setting I am missing that could be causing this?


I know that from SWAM Sax, you have to move the expression control in the plugin before you hear any sound.
Maybe there is similar in Violin?

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Yes, same for all SWAM products

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This looks promising


Thank you, everyone, that sounds like the issue. You folks are the best!