Surface Pro 10 with 32 or 64gig ram

I’ve been a Surface Pro user through versions 2, 3, 4, 6 and currently 8. MS have a business version that is not available to the public (at least here in new Zealand) that offers more ram, and the about to be released SP 10 has upped this to 64gig. My current SP 8 has a maximum of 16gig of ram.

I’ve always found the Surface line to quite capable and have had success using Gig Performer since I started in 2014. I’ve liked the portability, small footprint and the (imagined?) integration of software and hardware as per Apple’s philosophy. However, to get 32 or 64gig of ram, you need to buy a business version which MS don’t sell to the public. I would buy one in flash if I was able.

So, to up the specs of my next machine, I need to look elsewhere and not to Microsoft. I really don’t want to do this and the Surface line will always be special to me. I have two questions:

  1. Is there anyway I can beat the system and get hold of a business Surface?
  2. If not a surface, then what is the nearest equivalent in terms of performance, portability and
    the integration of hardware and software?

I just checked the German Microsoft site, and there was no problem to choose a business configuration with i7 and 64gb.
Could be pre-ordered for a bargain of 3300€…
(available from April 9.)

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With such ‘bargain’ prices, people may want consider switching to macOS :slight_smile:


You can buy an i7 13th gen NUC fully loaded 64GB RAM and a portable monitor for less than half that price.


$NZ5900 might be slightly outside my budget. I might have to look elsewhere for alternatives. What equivalent could I get in a Mac?

Can you find me a reference please.

Sure, here’s one.

You should see if refurbished Intel Macs are available - those should be significantly less expensive.

I’m still running 2018 Intel machines with a really old version of macOS (10.14) and have no plans to upgrade the machine or the OS

I have used only Ms for over 20 years now, so I’m wary of the change.

  • What would I gain?
  • Would I need to replace any existing equipment?

I see Mac Books have unified ram. What is this please?

Ok. Because of my total ignorance regarding Mac, here is what I think I want or perhaps need:

  • 32 or 64gig ram
  • i7 or Apple equivalent
    *13" ~ 14" screen
  • Able to run GP better than my current Surface Pro 8.

Models that include these specs. Cheers.

I have purchased several Lenovo minis (this is the latest) under $300 and they all work flawlessly with plenty of horsepower for GP.


I have two Lenovo Thinkpad P16s (Gen 2) that I am happy with.

The second (backup) is Gen 13 i7-13850HX intel chip (integrated graphics).

I got 64 GB ram.

(No doubt laptops are much more expensive.)

These are more suitable for leaving at home I think. To play out, I would need to take a monitor.

I won’t be using this Lenovo LM910Q for live audio applications.
The processor is obsolete, and can’t even be upgraded to a newer, more efficient OS (Windows 11 can’t be installed).
What’s more, the processor is a T-type: it is flanged to reduce energy consumption at the expense of computing performance.

As David said, for live performance it’s all about stability, not the latest greatest thing. I have brand new computers with Win 11 and I’m not a fan to be honest. MS moved and removed stuff in Win 11 it seems for no other reason than to piss people off! Just my opinion anyway.

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I’m talking here about Windows PCs.

There are a lot of parameters to take into account to obtain good stability and acceptable performance with Windows: the computer components, the type of processor speciality, the ability to manage the power supply and the operation of the processor, the level of optimisation of the OS, the quality of the applications and plugins in terms of stability, efficiency and resource savings, and the way the user manages his computer.

I’m currently using 2 desktop PCs and 3 laptops, from the oldest dating from 2009 to the most recent from 2023, all of which give me full satisfaction in terms of their capabilities, although I’ve noticed that I have fewer problems with the most recent OS versions, which benefit from improvements over time, but I generally wait for feedback on system stabilisation before trying them out myself (usually 6 months to a year).

I then see if there are any improvements by comparing 2 versions of Windows, each installed on the same machine but on 2 different partitions. After a certain amount of experimentation, I decide which version is the most stable and the best performing. I can see that the variations are fairly small, but I prefer to stick with the most recent version to have a more lasting effect.

I don’t have the problems that irritate people with W11, for example, which I find to be a reliable and efficient OS, but maybe that’s because when I install an OS (new or old) I start by optimising it before anything else and then tweaking it to get a configuration that matches my logic and my way of working.
As a result, I don’t have to worry about things not working or things working differently.

But I understand perfectly, and I see it around me, that people who use Windows by default get annoyed when a new upgrade arrives and so-called improvements that only create more confusion.

Oh, regarding a “Business Surface”, with Lenovo I just set up a business account in my name. Not sure how this translates to a Surface laptop.

I’m still pursuing a PC upgrade. I know that there are many variables, but with a new processor and 64gig of ram (up from 16), what general improvements could I possible expect when using Gig Performer?

You could easily play two gigs at the same time :wink:


I would think your CPU usage should go down and you should be able to use more CPU intensive plugins with less issues.

With more ram, I would think you could avoid Predictive Loading and perhaps have all your songs/rackspaces available in a single Gig File. (As I understand it, ram issues often manifest themselves as CPU issues when your machine attempts to compensate for lack of ram by accessing the hard drive more often.)

There should be less crashes.

You mentioned “small footprint”. My impression is new powerful intel CPU’s throw off a fair amount of heat when pushed. So, I would take a bigger bulkier laptop that is more cable to handle that thermal challenge (larger fans, etc.). My impression is the Lenovo Thinkpad P.16 (Gen 2) does this pretty well. Also, use cooling pad.

My $.02 to consider. (Caveat: I know far less than Nemanja and many users here).