Summer sale at KORG (50% off)

The big summer sale goes on…
KORG offers up to 50% off on many of their products:
Since i once had a real hardware Wavestation which i liked very much, but sold it, i now have bought me a new one as plugin for $40. Now the M1 and the Wavestation are reunited again… software-wise. :nerd_face: :star_struck:

BTW: If my “sale-spamming” is bothering you, just say a word and i’ll stop. :innocent:


Not at all! Thank you, schamass, for keeping us updated on the latest plugin sales! As a VST “collector”, I am always on the lookout for a good deal.

Thanx to make us drool… :drooling_face:

I bought the TRITON at the last summer sale in January :slight_smile: I can recommend it: A complete (software) workstation with the original sound of the Korg Triton. Not that great in terms of natural sounds (for that I have the Motif XF and HALion Sonic) but very usable production sounds which work great in a live setting too. Perfect for stacking.

Wavestation & M1: Of course they are classics :smiley: Have them for 10 years. Hardly use them but when I do I can play for hours.

I wonder when they’ll do a Kronos

I wonder when they do something new regarding the Kronos and I am not speaking from yet another color. Perhaps that our two questions are related.

I think so :wink:

But I doubt that a very urgent topic for them as the KRONOS is still superior to any other hardware workstations in terms of features.

I agree but the hardware of the Kronos is getting old. To tell the truth I bought GP after Korg presented the “new” Kronos. I was so disappointed.

Thank you Korg! You made a happy GP user.