Suggestions for Synth Ending to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

I used to do this song pre-GP. It is time to update it and do it right.

I am looking for suggestions on how to do the synth arpeggios/sequences in the last third of the song. I am weak in terms of arpeggiators. (But, actually, I am pretty experienced in terms of sequencing.)

Here is a nice video:

I do not use a click track. So, I would want to be able to retrigger if there is drift in timing (not perfect, but hopefully workable).

So, I think I want to just sequence it or sequence the difference parts so I can trigger them with different notes. (The arpeggiation does not seem to repeat the same way for each chord, so I think maybe just sequence it or sequence parts that can be triggered?)

Now I have used the simple arp included in Syntronik 2 and I picked up the (formerly) free Modalics Eon Arp. If you know whether you think either of them should accomplish this? I know the EON Arp is not a full sequencer, but I have not messed with it yet.

Maybe I just pick up a (free low cost) sequencer plug in? Suggestions?

Anyway, thanks for any input.


It looks like BluArp might fit the bill. I think the big issue is being able to switch chains on the fly.

Hopefully it will work out.

Up to 64 steps per pattern;

  • «Chains» feature to chain patterns together into longer «super-patterns»
  • Ability to switch chains on the fly (for live performances);

this arp line reminds me quite a bit of Joe Jackson’s Stepping Out bass line which came out about a year later.

Yep, I think Stepping Out might be a more regular repeating pattern? (Just from memory).

The tricky thing is doing this without a click track.

If it was a straight arpeggio that repeated, I would have some wiggle room if the tempo was off. I would just restart the pattern.

In this case the patterns change. But I still think it would work okay if the drummer’s tempo is close.

I think each pattern is about a measure. If I trigger each one at a measure and the drummer is near the correct tempo, I think it would work.

So, I would want to be able to trigger the different phrases by hitting a note on my my synth-style keyboard controller to trigger each phrase (like I said, I think each phrase is a measure long).

Do you think this could be done with the Midi File Player?