Suggestion for SAFP action : Change to Song Part

I ran into a problem for which @dhj provided the solution (thanks!) at "switch to rackspace" action in SAFP is not working - #3 by dhj because I was trying to use SAFP actions to change patches while in Setlist Mode.

I’m currently using midi files played by MFP to change song parts. With the PLAY button widget I start the midi file for the song in MFP and the (audio) backing track for the same song, at the same time. At the right time MFP then sends the PC messages that change song parts, which change rack spaces, which change patches.

Using only SAFP’s actions will mean:

  1. Not having to use a 3rd party app to program PC messages into midi files.
  2. Not using both MFP and SAFP. Only SAFP.

So my first suggestion/request is … similar to the SAFP action called “Change to Rackspace”, please add an action called “Change to Song Part”.

This is already possible

Got it. My bad. Thanks.