Subspace Reverb free

Found this super sounding free reverb


Thanks for the heads up :wink:

Quite nice - Subspace Z preset similar to Eventide Blackhole (although Eventide is Eventide)

aha no knobs on plugin !! (don’t worry) = GP widgets to the rescue!!!

I did use it two years ago but as it needs an iLok account, I have stopped using it as there are many free and valuable plugins lihe this one.
I keep only iLok plugins I can not do without.

The special about this reverb is the availabiltiy to adjust the reverb to the incoming pitches.
So you never get a somehow washy reverb.
Subspace uses the same core program logic as adaptiverb does.

It is certain that the engine of this software is efficient and sounds good but, as it needs an iLok account, also because of the excessive limitation of its parameters, and being limited to a single installation, it discourages me from using it.

yeah, that was annoying to know, only in one machine…

With iLok Hardware you are not limited.
But I know, iLok…

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Not only iLok (that I use) but single installation for a free plugin (and all zynaptiq plugins) and the lack of parameters reduce its interest.
I have been using it for several months but its use has remained rather limited because too specific for my part. Also, I can not work with it in my Windows “sandbox” partition.
Definitely too many restrictions.