Studiologic SL|Mixface MIDI Sync?

I absolutely love my Studiologic SL|Mixface for controlling GP and Ableton.
Small footprint. Magnetically attaches to my Studiologic SL|88 surface.
(25 controllers x 2) x 4 Zones. 200 available controls if needed. Plus transport controls.
Each 25 controls are 8 knobs, 9 sliders, 8 buttons.
In DAW Mode | Ableton, it’s a perfect controller for Ableton Live.
Ok, I’m done sounding like a salesman. :rofl:

Now, onto GP.
Everything perfectly binds to GP, no issues at all. Yet, if I have a illuminated button set to “Hold” mode in the Mixface settings. Which is latched mode. The Mixface light illuminates and the GP widget button is pressed. If I enable GP MIDI Sync on that widget, GP doesn’t update the state of the button on the Mixface.

Any ideas?

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I have that device too, together with a Studiologic SL73. I agree on quality and usability.
Currently I use buttons as switches (no latch and no care on the led status).
I would be nice to achieve full sync.
But I guess that led switching could be made only as sysex messages if Studiologic shows us the addresses and the modes. Not an easy task.
Very few manufacturers give this kind of information (if any…)

Behringer X-Touch stuff, MIDI Fighter stuff does. I wish all MIDI Controller manufacturers disclosed the MIDI in commands. Showing my age here… remember when we use to get detailed MIDI Implementation charts with MIDI and SysEx explanations? :smiley:

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I opened a ticket with Studiologic. Not sure if they will disclose this information. But it’s worth asking.


In Ableton, does the LED syncing work? Do you use a specific Control Surface setting for it, or just a generic Mackie Control?

Yes, buttons in Ableton perfectly sync with the Mixface. If I mute/unmute a track in Ableton, it changes the state of the button in the Mixface. But I believe the Mixface is in a special scripted mode. ie… Mackie Control. There’s a button to change from CC mode, to DAW mode.

Haven’t tested this yet, but does it apply to all buttons? Or only the 8 together with sliders and knobs? Or the 4 that you specify Zoner as an example?

I use SL88 Grand and Mixface.

I’m targeting to manage the bottom 8 buttons

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Tell Studiologic that if they reveal the sysex info for Mixface I’ll buy one :wink:


The Mixface documents suggest it runs in Mackie MCU mode when in DAW mode.

Here’s a github link to a pretty complete guide that was reverse engineered. Mackie still does takedown requests on anyone posting official documents on the protocol.
TouchMCU/ at main · NicoG60/TouchMCU (

The GitHub project that’s a part of is a TouchOSC emulator of the Mackie MCU. There is also an Open Stage Control OSC emulator in a different project.

I couldn’t find any information about the protocol for its Control Mode.

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