Studiologic Numa Compact 2X

OK… here we go again with a NC2X. Again?
I once ordered this Instrument because i tried to use it as a masterkeyboard but i started my trying with completely wrong expectations, so i sent it back, because i didn’t get it to work like i was used to from other keyboards (and i didn’t try really hard, actually. For my excuse: The manual is quite a mess).

But after a while i started to look back at this, still beeing impressed in many ways, so i wanted to give it another try and i bought it a second time. :innocent:

The Numa Compact 2X is an 88key stagepiano/organ/synth-mashup with a keybed made by Fatar, which also has aftertouch and a light weighted action - it even sends “note-off velocity” (didn’t know this exists).

It has 9 drawbar controllers, which are really handy for playing and controlling organ sounds!
Unfortunately, these are the only controllers, that may be useable in a proper way when using it for MIDI controlling.

It also has two small speakers built in, which won’t win any prices when it comes to loudness or sound quality, but at least they are there and they may be useful enough to just practice or to do some little acoustic jamming without having to build up extra speakers.

The internal sounds vary from quite good (piano, epiano, organ) to quite crappy, but the range of sounds is absolutely ok and altogether they mostly sound OK (but not when played over the internal speakers).

And finally the whole thing only weighs 7kg, so it’s a real featherweight, though it seems to be not fragile at all.

What i don’t like:

  • The internal “lead” sounds all are polyphonic, and there seems to be no way to change this (but i don’t intend to make much use of them anyway)
  • There are no mod- and pitchbend wheels but some little “joysticks” in exchange - those little levers are much to small and they don’t seem to be really suitable for using them as a modulation source… but hey, maybe it’s just some practice that’s needed. I will see…
  • The general concept of how the sound patches are made and also the whole MIDI setup and implementaion is some kind of quirky, or maybe it just not well documented. It’s just not really intuitive to comprehend.

In the meantime i learned that there are much more configuration options than i first thought, so i will start now to use it as masterkeyboard again.
And because of the lack of control-elements i additionally use a Behringer XTOUCH-MINI now, so there finally should be enough knobs and buttons to use (in combination with the 9 drawbars that are freely configurable). This will also give me a “real” fader to control the main volume in my rackspaces.
So i think, this combination could really work well with Gig Performer.
BTW: The XTOUCH fits surprisingly well on top of the right side of the keyboard, which may be a bit uncommon to reach for, but at least i won’t need an additional stand/mount for it.

Now i have to set up and re-think most of my rackspaces and gig files again, but since i don’t have that many of them, the pile of work won’t be too big. :upside_down_face:

May the MIDI force be with me! :vulcan_salute::space_invader:


Go Erik!!

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Do you an update on your experience with the StudioLogic Compact 2x? I am interest to hear how it all came together.