Studio One 5 Similar Gig Performer Features?

I bought Gig Performer several months ago but haven’t had a chance to really get to use it so I may be wrong in what I’m about to share but I saw a video about the new Studio One 5 release and it appears to have features like Gig Performer. Here’s the video link I’m not trying to promote it over GP I’m just sharing what I saw.

I’m curious as to which similarities you saw. To me, it’s another channel strip-based DAW, much the same as it’s been, with some GUI improvements. It’s definitely geared more toward recording and editing than performance.

I wanted to say something similar to @edm11.

The video had said that the new version 5 is designed so you can perform with it. I’m just mentioning what I saw in the video because it made me think of GP. I also just saw a thread about a new video series for GP at Video Course for Gig Performer Users and I’m looking forward to learning it! I’ve had GP for months but don’t really understand it yet. I hope the new video series clears things up for me.

One of the things it said was, “Perform live with Studio One! Use your recorded assets to bring your studio sound to the live show; play virtual amps live; sequence and re-arrange your Setlist all from the new Show Page” at

OK, it is more a new feature of Studio One for live playing than some kind of similarities with GP, understood. :wink: