Stuck with "doubles" over OSC (I think)

Hello everyone! First day in Gig and making progress controlling it with MaxMsp over OSC but I run into a wall. While I can control parameters like Global Transpose and send Midi over OSC, Widgets do not seem to react to incoming OSC messages; same for global BPM. What unites those is that on the documentation it says they receive “doubles”.
In Max there are floats but cannot find a way to make sure they are doubles!
Is that what is going on or I am doing something else wrong?

Test was to create a widget (slider) name the OSC address /Slider/SetValue, Enable OSC and try to control it from Max. No luck. Any help would be much appreciated!

Please upload a small gig, I could check.

Thanks a lot Paul! Just solved my problem. It was an issue with a specialized OSC implementation for max called odot that seems that doesn’t like doubles. Adding the legacy OpenSoundControl object from CNMAT dit the trick! But… since you are here, is there any way you can run Max or any other OSC software controller with Gig on the same computer? It seems that you cannot edit Gig’s IP address to localhost and my messages in the port/localhost do not get delivered. Any thoughts welcome!

Yes, that is possible.
I am using Max within Ableton Live on the same computer as GP
And I am using IP Adress to send OSC messages from GP to Ableton Live and back to GP.
This address can always be used when Ableton and GP run on the same Machine.
Independent what IP Adress is shown in GP settings.
And with scripting you can send OSC messages to every IP-Adress you want.

Thanks, that’s very strange. I attached a couple of screenshots. With the same patch, I can send out to Gig on a separate machine and control it but when I add localhost, etc the local Gig gets nothing although OSC_Data_Monitor saws activity on port 8000. I am on Windows if that helps. Can you please direct me to a source to read how basic scripting can allow receiving at localhost?

…As I was sending it I noticed something even weirder. My receiver from Gig in Max that is listening on port 8001 receives the OSC messages back when I send out from Max to Gig proving that Gig receives and loops the message back but the BPM value on display doesn’t change.

OK _ why do you have two local IP addresses? Which is your main address, the one with 0.97?

Try using that address. Scripting won’t help you fix a problem with IP addressing

Also, I assume your firewall is not blocking connections

Good question! I disabled my wireless adaptor, (previously just wifi off) and the second IP disappeared. My primary, ethernet-based IP is indeed the one finishing on 0.97.
Loaded the same setup on a different windows machine and you are absolutely right. Localhost as UDP send address works and the Gig responds on the same machine.
That is not true through for my desktop. I disabled all firewalls and still nothing. I am sending the global transpose as a test and the value doesn’t change on gig. OSC monitor reports that Port 8000 receives an OSC. Strange…

Ok. I think that it was OSC Monitor that was interfering. Restarted the computer and not running OSC monitor made Gig responsive! Thanks, both for your interest in solving this. Looking fwd to seeing what Gig can do!

Check out our blog, there are articles dedicated to OSC. Example: Gig Performer | Gig Performer as an OSC controller

The next update v4.5 brings improvements to OSC, as well.

You cannot have multiple applications listening to the same network port so if you had an OSC monitoring app open, that would explain everything.