Stuck note using Omnisphere

I was gigging this weekend and had a stuck note on a rack space, part way through performing the song. I initiated a “panic”, but the note keep sounding. I switched to the next rack space, and the stuck sound disappeared. I then returned to the rack space to finish the song, but the stuck note was still sounding.

Luckily, that song was pretty well over, and the next song was guitar only. I quickly shut down GP4 (newest version) and reloaded the set while playing secondary guitar in the next song. I did that just in case GP4 had a issue that might affect the following songs.

In retrospect, I could have gone to the wiring diagram and muted or deleted the Omnisphere plugin that was stuck. Although, I had to ensure the following songs in the set would be ok.

Moving to the next rack space apparently mutes the plugins from the previous rack space.

Is there any way to reset the VST plugins quickly in this situation? I’d love to have a midi control that could someone reset the sound being generated from all plugins in the rackspace, akin to the midi “panic” feature.

Any suggestions on what I should have done?


Are you enabling/disabling (unbypassing/bypassing) this plugin in a way while playing? Or is it always enabled?

Are you changing something something to your controller or MIDI in block while playing ? (channel or split change)

Could you please post a screenshot of the wiring view where you had this issue?

Yes, I should have mentioned that. I am unbypassing/bypassing VSTs while playing this rackspace.

Don’t do that with synth VSTi.
Omnisphere seems to behave well in a quick test, i.e. notes are cut after bypassing and won’t sound if reactivated. But other VSTi may produce hanging notes after unbypassing. For example Roland Cloud or some Arturia plug-ins. Interestingly, then they don’t seem to react on MIDI panic, too.

Instead, use the MIDI In blocks, and activate “Event blocking: NoteOn” by a widget and MIDI CC.
Thus, this sound won’t be played any more, but all NoteOff Messages will work, and prevent hanging notes. I do so for switching and muting/unmuting sounds while playing frequently, no stuck notes.

Edit: Use many MIDI In blocks, and block NoteOn events only on those channels and sounds you want. By inverted control of two of them, you can switch sounds easily. No bypassing required.


Yes!!! Brilliant! Thx Angel.

I only use a single keyboard on stage, that’s why I was using the bypass VSTi mechanism.

I will switch to your MIDI in block solution. Many thx!

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As brilliant as the crystal ball of the fortune teller that we often have to be here … :nerd_face: