Stuck deciding!

So… The Arturia V7 collection is 1/2 off right now… puts it right at the price of pianoteq6, which I’ve been demoing for a couple weeks.

I’m struggling to pick, bc that’s a good deal… but I love the feel when playing with pianoteq. But I already have Komplete 10 ultimate - which has both some good sampled pianos and a bunch of modern synths. It’s vintage offerings are pretty weak IMHO.

I’ve played around with the Arturia piano, and if you dig you can find some decent presets, but it lacks the immediacy of pianoteq… and at home, I play mostly piano.

Any thoughts from heavy users of either? How is Arturia CPU use? My computer is a modest 8th gen i5u laptop with just 8 gigs of RAM.

Use cases for me span from cover bands to big bands to small jazz groups to solo piano, and the occasional church group… when we aren’t in quarantine :rofl::rofl:.

In another few days, the sale will be over, then my choice will be made for me :joy:

Go for Pianoteq… a must have, period!

If you are a licensed Gig Performer user, there’s a 10% discount available for Pianoteq

(NB we don’t take a commission on these sales)

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ohh yep totally forgot about that :wink:

@btkloppenburg another reason :wink:

In my opinion, Arturia V7 is only interesting for (vintage) synths, not for pianos. Even if im not a Pianoteq fan, no doubt that it is much better than the Arturia piano.

Can you speak to Arturias CPU use on a modest system? That’d be a nail in the coffin since I likely won’t upgrade to a dedicated audio computer till next year at earliest.

The demo with pianoteq has been rock stable. I haven’t had time to demo, for instance, the Jupiter synth or Obeheim SEM

I think you compare things that are not to compare. Piano model vs synths models collection (given that IMHO the Arturia piano cannot compete with the Pianoteq). On my core i7 3GHz both run flawlessly, but so do all my plugins until now. But I have to admit I didn’t test all of the Arturia model.

Well it seems you have to do a choice. I could tell you what I would do in such a situation, but I don’t think it would help because we all appreciate and use plugin differently. Do what you think, it will be ok and if not, you will learn from your mistakes :wink:

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I own the Arturia V6 Collection and i really do like it, i think the Piano is really not the worst you might find on the market and so is the organ… but the majority of plugins consists of the vintage synths, and that’s what you mainly pay for. Amongst those synths are a few CPU-hogs (like the Buchla Easel), but most of them play very well on my i7/16GB. As far as i remember, the CPU load from the Piano and Organ is quite moderate.
So, i would say if you do not really need or want the vintage Synths then go for the Pianoteq VST, since you already have the NI Complete which also comes with a lot of (vintage)Synths…