Struggling with Presonus Quantum 2626

I’ve been using GP with an old MOTU Ultralite Hybrid Mk3 for several months now. Everything was working ok, but I wanted to upgrade the audio interface to a Thunderbolt interface. The Quantum seemed like a good choice, but it doesn’t use any front end software (like MOTU’s Cuemix), so I knew I’d have to route a few thigs differently. My current system is a Win 10 Pro, NUC i7 11th gen with 64 gb RAM & 2 TB SSD.

The problem I’m having appears consistently when I open a 2nd instance. The main outs will mute themselves for no apparent reason. Suddenly, all rackspaces will show no audio activity in the main outs. I’ve tried various buffer settings (64, 128 & 256), with the same problem on each. I did a test with a single rackspace on the 1st instance and just a single rackspace on the 2nd, just to test whether the interface is multiclient compatible. Everything worked, so the issue appears to be related to the workload.

Can anyone offer any help?



You have to use a multi Client asio Driver

Wouldn’t the Quantum 2626 driver be multiclient? As I mentioned, it did work on 2 instances that both only had a single simple rackspace.

Actually- you may be right. I’m scouring Presonus’ forum & finding a lot of people complaining about other Quantum interfaces not being multi-client… although I haven’t found anything about the 2626 yet…

Alternatively, read this blog: Gig Performer | How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows

Thanks… although I’ll likely simply return the 2626 & get something else if it indeed is not multi-client.

Last effort before I return the 2626… I reached out to Presonus & described what was happening. His response:

"The Quantum drivers are “multiclient”. However, your software may be causing the drivers to reinitialize each time you run a separate instance.

If you have issue only with multiple instances of Gig Performer, you may need to contact Support for Gig Performer for further assistance."

Could GP cause the drivers to “reinitialize” when I open a new instance? Does anyone with a 2626 ever use multiple instances? Anybody got anything?



Is it a joke?
I don’t own a Presonus, but it doesn’t cause the RME drivers to reinitialize.

I don’t think he was joking, but it seemed like a stretch to me. My aging MOTU Ultralite Hybrid didn’t have a problem with multiple instances.

From what I’ve read, it’s not the most stable device on Windows systems.
I’d return it. There are plenty of tried and true options out there that are just as good.