Streaming audio file player BPM issue

Hi I made a backing track file in Ableton and exported at 103 bpm. For some reason GP thinks this file is at 138. When I try to sync the file to the transport and metronome
it starts playing the file at the wrong tempo. IS there a way to manually adjust the bpm tempo of the audio file in SAFP? I see the wrong number but can’t change it.

That value (138) is calculated automatically and cannot be changed.

Any ideas how to address this issue?

I made some tests and always the correct BPM of 103 was shown in SAFP.

I will
Do more tests. For now I’m using Ableton. Can I share the file that imported incorrectly? To maybe see why this happened?

I noticed that Ableton warp makers also got confused with my file although it is in 4/4. I was able to correct them. I still think it would be handy to be able to tell gig performer the tempo of your sound file in case there is a mistake figuring out the tempo using SAFP

Like a manual override?

That may be a good idea.

yes manual override!

+1 Manual Override – I’m trying to use tracks that do not have a strong pulse for detecting the BPM and it’s frequently getting it wrong… this makes the Sync feature useless.

Is there a reason that GP doesn’t allow us to use the BPM metadata that’s coming from the audio file?

Having said all that, when the BPM is correct, the sync feature is amazing! Thanks for adding it!

FYI: I did just figure out a work around. I prefixed my audio with a measure with a 1/4 note count in (like a cowbell), then GP was able to figure out the correct tempo. Then, in the Streaming Audio Player I created a marker on the downbeat just past the count in and configured it to start there when triggered.