Stream Deck with multiple instances of GP

Is anyone else having a problem with using the Stream Deck extension when using multiple instances of GP?

I appreciate that it can only talk to one instance of GP at a time so I have setup all my control widgets on the ‘master’ and have linked those with the relevant widgets in other instances via OSC. Only the master has the Stream Deck extension running.

I have had 4 instances running like this with no problems… when it works. But often I will start the first GP instance and the stream deck comes to life and is connected to it, but as soon as I open the next instance, the stream deck looses connection with the first.

So far I can’t pin this down because, sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn’t. There is no difference in my process as far as I can tell. Any thoughts? Is this a bug that can be ironed out?

Hi! Multiple instances of GigPerformer is not yet supported by the Stream Deck extension, but I’ll make some time to implement this soon!


… Actually, there does appear to be one way I’ve just tried that has worked several times in a row (but could be a red herring I guess). That is if I open the master into a ‘new empty gig’, then open all the other instances empty, THEN load my saved gig… :thinking:

Great news! For now I’m happy feeding through the control from the master instance via OSC as it works very well once they’re all up and running without disconnecting the stream deck. Its just in the start up sequence I guess…

Great job so far though!

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And even more stable than this for me appears to be to open all the slave instances BEFORE the master.

There are no master and slave instances. GP instances are like us… all equal. :wink:


:sweat_smile: I stand corrected!

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