Stream audio from phone to GP

Hi. How can I stream or send wireless audio from my Android phone to GP? Is there a plugin that can act like an Airplay or Miracast receiver or simular so I can cast from my phone’s Youtube or similar?

I dont know if is possible, technically it should be, but Bluetooth has generally too much latency. What would be the scenario where you want to use this kind of connection?

I use GP on a headless and hidden Mac as a guitar practice amp in my living room, connected to both an active monitor and wireless IEMs. I want to play along from YouTube or simular from my phone through the monitors or IEMs.

Any chance to use an iPhone?

Not really… I have some iPads not in use laying around but just want to use my regular Android phone to send audio to GP.

Not so easy, but that is no fault of Gig Performer.