Stomp IO Issues

Just bought GP3 after trial. Think it’s amazing for the most part. i am having a bit of trouble in the midi department though. I’m trying to use a Stomp IO for 2 things- switching rackspaces up and down, and trying to make the media player play/pause, and start from beginning. I’ve got 4 switches to work with, shouldn’t have any problems, right? I set up the first 2 switches in global midi to move the rackspaces up and down (used the learn function), but it works very unreliably if at all. My first switch will move up a couple racks and then stop working altogether. same with second switch. It will never move all the way (I only have 5 racks built so far) to the top rack. that rack is a FM Synth from Waves that works great within GP3. The Third and 4th switch are suppose to be play/pause and start from beginning. they work when i make widgets and click on those widgets, but with the foot switch it doesn’t seem to toggle at all. for instance, the play/pause will play from a not playing state, but if i press the switch again the wording under the widget will just say “playing” and go right on playing instead of pausing. I tried to use a on/off switch widget to use the bypass plugin command, but the same thing happened. clicking on the widget works fine, but the footswitch only gives the command to turn the bypass on, but not off. Solution? Built in and added expression pedals work just fine.

Can you please open the Global MIDI monitor, press each of the Stomp buttons (a few times) and post a screen shot so that we can see what MIDI messages are being sent out by your buttons?

This issue may be as simple as enabling Momentary mode but let’s be thorough.

thanks. The Global Monitor helped me figure it out myself. The stomp io has a default mode, stomp mode, and multiple commands sent from each switch (doing the most with 4 switches, I guess. only thing I’m stuck with now is I have to push switch twice to start from beginning of track.

Can the StompIO box be reprogrammed to send out ONLY the appropriate messages?

Also, GP4 (coming in June) will have the abilty to filter/re-interpret incoming MIDI messages through GPScript so it will be possible to make adjustments that way as well.

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@mattdaluge, an answer to this request could tell us a lot about your remaining issue…

…and will also benefit other users who run into the same issue — this is what makes these forums a “community”