Stephan Machon

Stephan Machon is pianist, keyboardist and music teacher from Germany. He plays in JusToto - TOTO Tribute band.

On Stephan’s YouTube channel you can watch him practicing:

… and about his rig he’s using (in German)

A little bit of a Capella :slight_smile:

… and soundscaping with Voltage Modular and Dune 3

On the JusToto Tribute channel you can see how their gigs look like (all is in German) where Gig Performer can be seen.


Wow, here are some great covers! I like them very much!




I’ll supply the love


TOTO Medley

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To learn more about Stephan Machon, visit his website (in German):

Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Homepage!

Hier findest Du Fakten zu meinem Werdegang als Musiker, zu meinen musikalischen Aktivitäten und zu meiner Erfahrung als Lehrer für Tasteninstrumente und Coach.

Weitere Infos über meine Arbeit in den verschiedenen Bereichen bekommst Du auf den entsprechenden Themenwebsites.


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Top Notch Toto covers! Awesome to see GP being used worldwide with our fellow musicians. Music may be the international language, but Gig Performer is the translator!

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