Step input midi playback

Hello everyone,

Amazing community. Congratulations on your product!
Midi sequence playback ala two keys setting the tempo is awesome.
Can the script be modified to instead of keys setting of tempo, have the two keys trigger each step of the sequence playback? Best regards.

Just learned this an hour ago :innocent:

Ups, sent before finishing writing: I currently try to sync two arp-style sequences to some kind of “finger rhythm” - I’ll try to combine this and get back here.


OK, here are my results: I basically could follow the example David gave in the thread mentioned above. I also found the ‘experimental’ classification in the documentation. So I do not further ask for the moment :wink: but also do not spent further time into this.

For the moment I’m fine with some scriptlets and the BlueARP arpeggiator, where I can setup something working better for me personally (OK - I still have to take my drummer into account :laughing:)

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Actually, I should remove that “experimental” annotation. The functionality has been there in previous versions of GP as far as I remember and is solid…I just forgot to update the Help for it.