Starting out with Gig Performer:


I guess I really started out with Gig Performer when I think it was called Gig Player at least I found that version on my iMac as I was searching for something and the icon looked similar to Gig Performer now. If I am mistaken about this i apologize in advance. I was a receptor user and I still have my model 2+ units though they are aging rapidly and stuck in 32 bit limbo in a world that is now at 64 bit a a standard. I knew this was coming and also that muse had dropped out of the marketplace there was a real need for something to replace it. I looked at the program and at first it seemed a bit daunting and so I left it alone for a good period of time due to schedules health issues and lack of a robust enough computer to run it. In the past few months I replied to Geary Yelton on a facebook post mentioning some of this and the David suggested Gig Performer as an option. I looked through my iMac and found that I already purchased a copy and went back through the tutorial videos to get a better idea of what the program did and also how well. The past couple of months I have pretty much immersed myself in it learning how to set things up and develop efficient workflows and how I needed to set it up for my uses.I am running a loaded Mac mini with the i7 processor, 16GB of ram and a one terabyte HD. This computer is exclusively dedicated to running GP and housing all of my
programs. My controller is the Akai EWI 4000S. As for plugins I have sll of the current SWAM virtual winds and strings, the Sample modeling Trumpet 3 (on Kontakt 5 player) FM8, Sampletank3 and Syntronik Amplitude 4, Korg Legacy M1, the Sonivox Harmonica and Studio Piper. Not all of these programs ran well on my receptors and some newer ones not at all. GP has handled every one of these with no issues. I perform to tracks that I arrange in Band in a Box that I convert to audio files running from an ipad and play single voices or layered combinations of voices over the top.
The compatibility and connectivity that GP provides has allowed me to expand my tonal palette and coax expressive performances with some plugins more easily than in the past. I have started using it first in our worship music group at church and it has run flawlessly. With all of the plugins on board one device now I don’t have as many devices to manage. I have shared some captures of racks I have put together so far and hope to get some videos going to demonstrate the way I apply things. Thanks for a great product that is going to be a huge help with what i am doing. (The image upload button does not seem to be working right now).


Hi Dan,

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