Started summer tour for the first time with GP

Hey all!
Mikki, from Spain here.

After some years with mainstage, a few embarrassments during rehearsals and a another couple during actual gigs, I decided to pop over and try GP… Alright so I had some grief about 2 months ago but it was all my fault.
I had installed all sorts of open source synths, Kontakt 7 and whatnot and it made my system go haywire… Absolutely my fault and GP is not too blame at all for my mischief.
I must also say that the team ( @dhj and @Dadi ) were with me all the way until it all got sorted and GP is absolutely trashing all mainstage keyboardists we happen to coincide with on our journeys all over Spain. Not one has ever even heard of GP and I can only boast about the greatness of the software to them.

This is my setup and GP in action.

And I could go on forever


Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Great job and congratulations on spreading the word about GP.
I notice that we use the same fan to cool the laptop. :wink:

Are you happy with the Doremidi MPC-2O? I use two Audiofront models but yours costs half as much and seems to have the essential functions. I will recommend this product more easily to those who want to use their analog controllers.

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Hey Hermon.

I’m totally confident with the doremidi product.
I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it hasn’t given any trouble at all.
The only negative thing I can say is that when you start it up, the expression pedal has to be pressed to it’s minimum position otherwise the doremidi won’t recognise the pedal as an expression. Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about.

The vent, I’ve got it just in case it’s a hot evening here in Spain but I hardly ever use it…

I sometimes have 4 expression pedals on my Quattro, so for me there’s no question of changing. :smile:

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On the doremidi you can assign any 4 types of pedals. If you need 4 expression pedals, just plug them in… I only use 1, one switch pedal is to change to next song part and the other 2 pedals I usually use them as sustain or activate, momentarily, a sound to layer with an existing sound etc etc… It’s totally configurable