Start on GP3

Hi everyone !

Just to say thank you for this software. I have used Mainstage for years, and have waited a long time for an update to arrive, but I am still waiting.

I get GP3 after reading the good comments of audiofanzine users and I am really happy with my choice. The interface is really simple, light and pleasant at the same time.

I had to look for some replacement plugins but with the good advice on this website, I easily found my sounds.

I admit that I was surprised not to be able to select block clusters with the mouse when editing my patches. These are probably old habits I had with Pure Data or MaxMSP. If ever it’s not in the TodoList, I admit that I want to register it :wink:

I haven’t looked at the dark side of the software yet, but are the files generated by GP3 binary or is it text that we could imagine scripting?

Thank you so much for your Software which brings me a wave of freshness in the world of virtual host.

I hope to bring GP3 on the scene as soon as possible

Best regards.

Yes, it’s on our list but we still appreciate your mentioning it.

Welcome to our community and thank you very much for your kind words!

We will keep improving GP and better manipulation of the connections view including selection of “block clusters” is definitely there…

Welcome to the GP community. If I remember well the comments are from @Hermon and @Dextroze, which are also member of this community. :wink:

Welcome @thoskan , we’re glad to have you join us. You have joined a very passionate community that work with an amazingly capable, stable and extensible live performance host.


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