Spitfire Audio Originals - new Epic Choir!

Spitfire has finally released a Choir VI for the Originals line. Only €/$/£ 29, 50 voices. Already purchased and installed. An outstanding Choir for the money. Love it.

Spitfire Audio Originals Epic Choir


Sounds great.
but it seems a warning vs. Spitfire audio is due.
definitly for those on a M1mac !

here is a YT video (see at the end), showing how to resolve the problem.
its 20 months old, so things could or should have changed.

But: i bought sayed choir today, and another one of the cheap ones,
and i run into exactly the same problems !
i could solve it on the VST, but not on the AU.
The comments in the video refer to, that sayed problem comes back again and again and again. Honestly, i´ve never seen such a frustrating comment “Rain”, than like below of this video.
As great the Guys at spitfire audio might be.
…guess its not something one should recommend without a pointer to this video, AND its comment section:

i mean, i allready started to think about if i should buy more of that stuff…

I was unaware of the issue on Macs. The last (and only) time I used a Mac was late 1989 when I joined Motorola and Macs were using the 68000 chip. I lasted less than 6 months on that laptop and convinced the powers that be to let me go back to DOS/Windows on a PC. Been there ever since.

seems, its not only vs. Macs.
But the above video is close to two years old.
…read the comment section below the video. its insane !

everyboy LOVES the Sound…but MANY deal with the “presets not found” Problem.
Can´t tell how it looks now on win machines.
On the M1mac, its definitly still alive.
Not shure if i will have to go thru the whole procedure again and again.

to notes: the problem does NOT affect librarys made for kontakt.

It works fine on windows 11.
Both sopranos&altos and tenors&basses presets are present.
Few presets but very nice.

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