Spatial/Binaural plugins

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody uses GP with spatial plugins. With all these sound design possibilities in GP it would be the icing on the cake to create immersive/binaural mixes for my iems.
Any recommendations for not-too-cpu-hungry plugins for spatializing and binaural output?
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Are you using headphones?

Yes, shure iems.

OK, what is the use case?
I am asking because the audience does not hear it with a conventional PA.

@pianopaul is right, for this kind of algorithm to work very very well, they need to be customized for each person (in more technical words, they need the transfer function of your head). As a plugin cannot be easily customized for each user, the result may vary from one user to another. And it will never work correctly for the crowd hearing your music through stereo PA.

Sorry for the delay!
No audience involved at this point. This setup would purely be for my own personal monitoring pleasure using in-ears or headphones. Just playing for myself, doing sound design and testing things.

In the end my question is, if it is possible to replicate something like this

with GP and suitable plugins. But only for one person.

There are some solutions, but the problem is that for each soundsource you want to place in the room you need a separate plugin,
For example Dear VR


Yes, that’s what I reckoned. Hence my question regarding cpu-friendly spatalizing plugins.
Maybe I can create a “quasi binaural” mix by spatalizing only selected sources. I will definitely try dearVR.
Thanks for the tip!

This is mainly what I am after. The video uses the paid pro version of dearVR, but there is a demo which I will try.
Make sure to wear headphones when listening to the video.

Thanks again @pianopaul!
I tried the dearVR plugins and they are exactly what I was looking for. And the pro version is even on sale right now.
This lifts sound design with GP onto the next level.