Sounds created in Reaper export to Gig Performer

We’ve created all our sounds and mixes in reaper. I want to transfer my guitar presets and keyboard player presets to Gig performer. Does someone have a faster way to do this?

Now I need to save all the plugin presets, transfer them to different machines, recreate wiring flow, and copy plugin presets. And of course connect everything with widgets.

Maybe there is a script that can use FX chain exported from reaper to transfer it to wiring in reaper or something else that would help.

Doing all of this manually is very time consuming.

How long have you been using Gig Performer?

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I don’t think there is a way to avoid a long manual process in this case.

For the future though, you could create your effect chains in Gig Performer and use the new GP Relay plugin to re use them in Reaper, or any other DAW


I second this approach , its a paradigm workflow game changer , use Gig Performer as your platform for sound design , its much more intuitive than Reaper for that I find , I use both quite a bit , but this approach will get your feet wet in Gig Performer and you’ll soon find that building a pallete of sounds this way allows a segregated approach which I find is more robust than working in Reaper as far as Reaper hosting all your performance plug ins , I would rather HAVE the sound and dump it into Reaper live and therein is the value , that track (audio) is the sound , it’s not reliant on a chain of plugins because you have already done that work in Gig Performer . Invest the time in designing your sounds from the ground up , Gig Performers strength is apparent once you get running , and when you perform through it and yes using relayer it’s simple to stream that sound , your design , your tones etc into Reaper and behold there it is , audio , committed and purposeful , stop tweaking and commit to that sound , this work flow is good for me , get’s a focus on performance and tracking in a way that frees you from going in and out of GUI’s etc , many processes can be in the back end doing what they do , without needing to be assigned widgets , I’ve gone overboard before , for me LESS IS MORE , that’s what this approach has taught me for instance …


In fact, separation of the musician’s sound from the recording of that sound is the core philosophy underlying the GP model itself.