Soundpaint (free) with free 1928 Steinway (6 GB)

Unbelievably great sounding piano free with the new Soundpaint engine, also free; 8 years in development, created by Troels Folmann of 8DIO fame (or infamy). Runs standalone or as a VST. The Mac version also comes in AU. Absolutely worth the download and test. It’s a keeper. After 6 months without a MIDI controller, I have an NI Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 on its way from Thomann. Yeah! The video is definitely worth the 30 minutes of viewing time. Natalie Tenenbaum is a wonderful pianist!

Installation tip. Install Soundpaint first. Create a Soundpaint directory on your samples drive and point Soundpaint to it via settings. When asked for a download folder, point to the Soundpaint folder on your samples drive. The Soundpaint downloader will automatically create the “Piano - 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway” folder under Soundpaint (or whatever download folder you chose; I used my normal download folder and had to move the “Piano - 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway” folder and its contents to my sample drive and then rescan).

There are number of instruments available. Don’t be put off by the “never on sale” statement. I’d have worded it differently, but I 100% agree with the concept. If you’re familiar with 8DIO, you’re probably aware of their nutso pricing and sales. List. On sale. On sale for even less. On sale for way less. Giveaway. Not a good business model. I think Troels learned from that, but he’s no marketing guru. I’m just grateful for his musical acumen.

SO good!


Introductory Tutorial


I uninstalled it quickly the other day. Too many piano patches not useful for me; just a bunch of mangled piano samples. Besides, 6GB is too much space for what it does.

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