[sound] How to get Incubus sounds with a hybrid setup with Gig Performer

Here is an awesome video demonstrating how powerful can a hybrid setup sound with Gig Performer.

Many great Incubus covers are created using this approach. :guitar: :fire:



Great demo of a hybrid guitar rig :+1: The next level is incorporating a midi controlled pedal switcher, so you can get GP to switch your pedals into the signal chain automatically when you switch rackspaces or variations (no more tap dancing).

And so many higher end guitar pedals are now starting to incorporate midi for internal preset or parameter changes - these are perfect in a GP hybrid rig!

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Iโ€™m a huge fan of Incubus and came here looking for tips to enhance my tone and performance. I had not considered before a hybrid setup, but this is a real eye opener. Thank you for sharing.


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Youโ€™re welcome. :beers:

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