SooperLooper / looper and rackspaces/variation switching

Hello. Looking for suggestions of how to configure a looper plugin in GP, such as SooperLooper. I’m using SooperLooper as the last plugin in my signal chain - from there is exits to my hardware output for monitoring.

I have it working fine in a single Variation or single Rackspace. The problem is when changing variations or rackspaces, the loop stops (or fades out if doing the audio tail length option in Rackspace properties).

What I’m trying to achieve is when in the first rackspace or variation, to record into the looper plugin, with one sound (i.e. one set of settings of all the various plugins I have), and then switch into another rackspace or variation on the fly. I want SooperLooper to continue playing the loop from the first variation/rackspace, and then be able to layer on top and/or overdub on this recorded loop. Unfortunately, after switching variatoins/rackspaces, SooperLooper seems to take on the midi commands / reset so I lose the loop.

Hope you have a better way to suggest. Thanks!

You need to set up a separate instance of GP, put MSuperLooper in it. If you’re on Mac, you can do this natively, but on Windows you’ll either need an audio device that supports multi-client ASIO, or an app which does that.

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Thanks for replying. Yes I read about that! But i’m not sure how to set up the separate instance. I’m on MacOS Catalina.

Once the separate instance is set, and I put SuperLooper in that, what is proper way to route the first instance’s audio into the new seperate instance?

You will need virtual audio ports as the way to route between the 2 instances of GP.
I had a few screenshots/instructions in this post:

This GP blog post also has some great instructions:

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A big thanks to edm11 and rank13 for pointing me in the right direction.

I have the two instances setup and already had BlackHole on my computer so it’s all working now.