Sonible plug-ins

Hello Everyone, this message to know if someone uses the sonible plug-ins? (smart eq4, smart comp, smart deesser…) to get feedback. Thanks a lot

I use Sonible smart: EQ live in Global Rackspace. Since I mainly perform live in a Cover band, I’m almost afraid you won’t hear the difference. In headphones it makes a difference, but it’s not very big if I’m honest.

Im am using Smart EQ4 but not that often.

Thank a lot you for your answers. a lot of good things are said about “sonible”, and I wanted to know what it sounded like “live” with gigperformer. I will try it for free for 1 month.

I have just had a look at the Sonible website, Sonible smart: EQ live is no longer available, only Smart:EQ4. Is there a big difference apart from modernizations or can it be used in exactly the same way, practically directly as LiveEQ?

I never did use live mode