Songs & sheets in Chord-Pro format

I’d like to make more use of the setlist functionality of GP in the near future and i also want to implement the Songs-sheets (with text & chords) in my screen.
Now i must confess that i have some difficulties to get those song sheets in chord-pro format, which i’d like to use. So my question to the community:
Where do you get your songs from? Simply copying from all those chord&tab sites in the internet doesn’t seem to work so easily… is there an a programm or an app with which this can be done?
Or do you write/edit your files by yourself?
How do you do this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sometimes you can find decent cheat sheets on the internet and sometimes you have to do it yourself. In most cases - you have to at least some correcting.

There is an online tool to help with formatting plain TEXT sheets to ChordPro here

So this…

E D     A             E      D    G   E  D  A
I think today it just dawned over me
     E   D     G                   E      D  A
Lost the hopes of what I've always wanted to be

Becomes this

[E]I [D]think [A]today it just [E]dawned [D]over [G]me  [E]   [D]   [A] 
Lost [E]the [D]hopes [G]of what I've always [E]wanted [D]to [A]be

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks man! This looks quite promising… will test it as soon as i am at home. :+1:

I’ve always done mine myself with a basic text editor, but I will definitely start using that link djogon posted. That should make it a lot easier and faster.

I use this, works really well.

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@aharry: Thank you for the link. This looks really good!
I already tried the online converter from Nebojsas link, which worked quite well but seems to be very “basic” in its functions.

Chordsmith has a lot of functionality, I’ve found it very useful. Just pasting from a web page and converting to ChordPro has been a huge time saver.