Songs and Rackspaces

It seems like a number of people (and the route I’m going) is to have a rackspace for each song (or at least a songs parts are all contained in a single rackspace. Is there a way to easily copy a rackspace to create a song using the variations as the song parts? It would be cool to drag it from the bottom (rackspace) in the setlist view to the top (song) without having to create a song each time. What’s the quickest workflow for this.

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Just create a new song. Assign the song to the particular rackspace. Assign the parts to whichever rackspace variations.

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Ah yes that’s what I’m doing but would be cool to just drag the rackspace up to create a song with the parts mapped to the variations. Feature request? :slight_smile:

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There is an unsupported, experimental (therefore undocumented) way to do this but no guarantees.

  1. Switch to Setlist view
  2. Click somewhere outside of Gig Performer, i.e. make sure GP does NOT have the focus
  3. Hold the SHIFT key down and keep it down until step 6
  4. Now click on the main Gig Performer Window to bring it back into focus
  5. Click the Edit menu
  6. You should see a new “Advanced” entry at the bottom and to its right is an item called “Create Setlist from Rackspaces”

This will automatically create a new song for each rackspace and a new song part for each variation in the rackspace.

No guarantees!


This is what I was trying to find…I forgot how to get to it. Thanks!