Song Parts question

Hi all. New here so if I am missing something, I apologize in advance.

Concerning songs/set lists being associated with Chordpro view window. Quite often, I have only one variation for a whole song, but the song could be quite long and therefore the view window needs to be associated with a couple of variations to that rack space just to be able to see the full lead sheet.

It is possible to simply use the same variation for each song part but if I change something such as volume, when I switch to the next variation (to see the next part of the song view window), the volume in this case is defaulted back to the previous setting.

Is there a way to scroll through the lead sheet without having to associate it with song parts (variations) in gig performer?

I sincerely hope this makes sense!

Yes you can

This is per default
The widget value is set to the value it has in the variation

With scripting you can use this functions

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You can do this using the System Action parameter.

ChordProPageOffset - controls the position and allows scrolling in the Song Lyrics/Chords Editor window (when the View tab is active). Note: this feature works as a proportion of the overall length of your ChordPro file and it does not jump to song parts (it simply allows scrolling the lyrics file from the Global rackspace).

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Excellent! Thanks. I have set it up and it works well scrolling assigned to a fader for example. Is there a way to automate the scroll at a certain speed?

Yes there is, see for example this gig file: [Gig] X-fader - crossfade two volume parameters

Widgets are automatically moving and you can set the desired speed. Of course, you’d have to tweak this to match your use case.