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I’m using Gig Performer 3 for live gigs with my band KOLINAUT.
We’re a new band with original songs and no time to wait for the keyboardist when switching songs, so Gig Performer was our choice as we had no Mac to run MainStage.
One major issue that I’m running into now is that I only use one .gig file and store all songs inside. Then I create setlists in the Setlist/song view area. However, as we are now having about 17 songs (we started with 6 or 7 and that worked great), the software starts crashing sometimes and takes quite a time to load.

So what’s the intended way of storing songs and setlists? Is there a way to store songs (with their rackspaces) not needed and later import them into a gig file for one single gig? We obviously don’t play each of the 17 songs at every gig.
Also some songs seem to be broken (use bad VSTs) and that crashes Gig Performer. How to find out why and how to prevent it?

THANKS and all the best from Germany!

Hi reditec,

you can export all songs from the SetList/Song View and import specific songs into a new gig.
In the import your are asked to reuse existing rackspaces or import all as new.
In case of an empty gig all chosen songs and their needed rackspaces are imported.

Regarding broken songs:
A rackspace is broken, not a song.
So best way is to switch through your rackspaces and check if they are working or not.
Sometimes plugins crash because they don’t like predictive load.

How much RAM do you have on your machine?
Maybe your gig files are small enough so you can disable predictive load.

This should not be an issue, especially with such a low song number. We’ve tested GP with thousands of songs within a single gig file so this should NOT be a problem

This has nothing to do with the number of songs. You’ve added new rackspaces or plugins that now take longer to load. The crashes are typically inside the plugins.
Have you submitted a crash report with your email address to us?

As @pianopaul mentioned - you could export songs and import them, but with such a low number of songs you are most likely experiencing an issue related to one or two rackspaces, not your songs.

Do you do have the “Predictive Loading” feature enabled?

Hi there,

I have no idea whether predicitve loading is enabled or not, I’m most likely using default settings (started with GP3).
I’m always creating a new rackspace for each song, cause the sounds and plugins are totally different.for each song. Have you also tested thousands of rackspaces in one gig file?

I’m using:

  • Addictive Keys
  • OPX Pro 2 (this one is not working for me anymore for 2 updates, works fine with all other DAWs tho)
  • All Arturia plugins available (latest versions)
  • Kontakt 6 Player
  • Serum
  • Fab Filter Pro L
  • Supercharger
  • Phasis
  • Raum
  • RC 24/48

My machine got 16GB of RAM and an SSD. I didn’t experience CPU issues yet.

Predictive load is a check box in the preferences.

No, I did not.
My largest gig has about 50 rackspaces, but most rackspaces have about 5-10 plugins which are bypassed using variations.

To address your issue with OPX-Pro II I found this in the forum

Yes, I had the same issues. Would love to use OPX PRO II with GP 
but always had problems either with presets not being recalled (Matrix Strings) 
or with crashes when loading the Rackspaces. To be honest, 
I’m not sure what was the last conclusion on this and 
if it has been fixed or if I could avoid the problems by using the AU version instead of VST.

Yes, but obviously with the predictive loading feature enabled because we don’t have an unlimited amount of memory.

To try to figure out why do you have a problem we need one of your crash reports.
I tried finding one, but I could only find one that crashed in a Line6 plugin and another one that crashed in a Helix plugin. Both of which you did not list as the plugins that you use.

We cannot even try to figure out what’s wrong unless we get a crash report from you. When you send one - please make sure you add your email address to it so we can find it easier.

Okay. I’ll try to crash it for you :slight_smile:

It crashed, but it didn’t offer me to send a report…

It’s very hard to figure out why are you not getting the normal crash report.
Is it always crashing in the same rackspace?
Do you use scripting?
Which audio interface are you using and what drivers?

@reditec - if you always crash on a rackspace with OP-X Pro-II plugin and you use a VST3 version of it - please try the VST version.

OP-X Pro-II VST3 version is very unstable and it crashes in most hosts as soon as you try to create it.

Regarding GP crash, I more often get a similar Windows crash dialog rather than the GP crash dialog. For instance, regarding the crash when closing GP, I think I never had a GP crash window. Given that you seem to be surprise of that, is it so that we are should always get the GP crash dialog? Is it a kind of bug of the GP crash app?

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“OP-X Pro-II VST3 version is very unstable and it crashes in most hosts as soon as you try to create it.”

That’s wrong. I’ve just managed to solve the issue by upgrading to the VST3 version. I used the VST version before and it always cashed. The VST3 version comes with an all-new interface and works like a charm. My issue is fixed now! Thanks!

Glad you could solve your OP-X Pro-II issues by upgrading it.

Yes! But how could Gig Performer crash and not let me send a bug report? I experienced that even before.

There are different ways that an application can crash. Sometimes it can crash in a way that does not allow a crash handler to handle it. We cannot speculate how OP-X plugin was crashing.

If you could always “catch” a crash - your computer would never crash since you could always catch the crash, restart what needs restarting and move on. Obviously this is not the case.

Typically our crash handler can catch many crashes though.

I’m using ASIO4ALL drivers right now, but kept getting the opx pro 2 issue with any audio interface connected. Live I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, 2nd generation
I’m not using scripting
It’s always the same rackspace

I am not aware of the different ways to catch a crash, but following your explanation, it is now clear to me that the GP crash system cannot catch every possible crash. Thanks for the explanation.

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